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Fashion designer drawingI have always been a fashion lover. This is the reason that I developed this desire to know more about this field. I study Fashion in FIDM campus in San Diego. I strongly believe that I can only gain knowledge about what is happening in the fashion industry if I work at a place where I can get the latest updates, and that is why I started working part-time in a boutique.

Working in the boutique has been one of the best decisions of my life because I get to see new outfits with great designs. This polishes my sense of creativity and innovation and enhances my knowledge about the fashion trends. I feel so content that at the age of 21 I am leading quite a fulfilling life.

My passion is not just restricted to fashion. I love food and cooking. Being Mexican, this cuisine has always excited me. However, I have always been more inclined towards eating healthy Mexican dishes and I encourage the same. I make sure that I get the most healthy ingredients and prepare healthy Mexican dishes in my own kitchen.

I also keep looking for low-calorie alternatives that would make my Mexican dishes more desirable. I know one that Mexican cooking can never tire me out for sure because the flavors are out of this world.

Now coming back to my fashion blog the prime objective is to unveil my perception of fashion to the world, and also spread my awareness and knowledge. I know that my blog readers can also add up to my knowledge with their valuable comments.

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