Top Fashions for Winter 2017-2018 in Europe

I must say I love what I have seen for Winter 2017-18 on the catwalks of Europe. There are two prominent themes, which I am completely crazy about. I am going to call them ‘dominant and pronounced’ and ‘soft and subtle.’ The latest fashions are SO me, and I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

Top Fashions for Winter 2017-2018 in Europe

Powerful and pronounced

Tailoring has returned with some serious eighties vibes. I see suits with pronounced shoulders (yes – shoulder pads are back ladies) and double breasted cuts. Don’t be fooled; we haven’t gone back to the days of boxy suits and no figure; the lines are much slimmer and nip us in at the waist.

pronounced shouldersSpeaking of ‘the waist’; cinching belts were appearing left right and center on the runways. Which suits me down to the ground. I love an outfit that shows off and accentuates the waist, and I felt this was lacking recently. This is power dressing with a feminine flair, and I can’t wait to see more of this in stores.

Silver is featuring heavily in the Winter 2017-18 line-up, so prepare to be dazzled. Sequins have come back with a vengeance, and chainmail has made a serious reappearance. Gone are the lazy nights in, in front of the TV – you will be organizing events so you can showcase your new crystal-mesh metallic dress to your girlfriends. I love that glamorous evening outfits are taking the place of the lazier fashions of Winter 2016-17.

Soft and subtle

Soft leather has been under the spotlight, and it hasn’t disappointed. Soft leather suits offer a pretty zany alternative to the more classic tailoring I have been seeing. I don’t know if I have the gumption to leave the house dressed in leather, but hats off to anyone that does. Despite a leather suit being pretty ‘out there’ regarding normal fashion, the look is luxurious and surprisingly subtle.

Soft leather suitsFeathers have floated onto the catwalks. While it’s nice to finally see a bit of texture back on the runway, feathers may not be practical for everyday wear. Picking up the kids from playgroup in ostrich may get you a few looks and won’t work well with sticky little hands. A good alternative for feather is the fluted dress. The fluted dress has the floaty texture of feather but is practical enough to go about life in. The fluted skirt is flexible and flattering and isn’t leaving us after it appeared in Winter 2015-16.

1940’s dusky blue is making a forceful yet muted return on the catwalks of Europe. This moody blue is one of my all-time favorite colors and it gray hue makes it flattering for most skin tones. There was a high WW2 fashion vibe, what with the muted blues and grays and the higher waist-lines. I am so up for this smarter and more feminine look; I can hardly contain myself.

Some of my top pieces were the coats featured in the Winter 2017-18 collections. It’s time to re-work your grandmothers’ old eiderdown because quilted jackets are in. Padding popped up, and it’s here to stay. I love the fact that these blanket style coats are seriously cute and super snug as well. Winter is all about feeling cozy and comfortable; these beautiful coats encompass that.

I am so psyched about the new collections and cannot wait to get my hands on the latest fashions. I am ready to rid my wardrobe of anything Winter 2016-17 and embrace everything Winter 2017-18 has to offer.

Top Fashions for Winter 2015-2016

Winter is definitely the celebrated time of the year and comes up with its own set of fashion and trends. You want to rejoice the winter season by wearing stylish clothing, shoes and accessories etc. However, the key to looking good is to opt for those fashion trends that match up with your personality. Let me introduce the best fashion trends that would be a treat for you and the onlooker.

Enticing Winter fashion trends

The following trends are a must to follow if you want to emerge as a fashion icon.

  • Black and white fashionGraphic white and black trends have emerged in the fashion world and gained immense popularity because this trend in clothing personifies class and style, with an entirely new perception. I personally adore the graphic white and black trends because they give this modern touch to the attire.
  • Tribal style in clothing has always attracted the fashion lovers. This hype is bound to continue and attract the trend followers as tribal style brings alive different cultures and gives a new dimension to Winter attire.
  • There is good news for people who want to relive the past eras. 80’s has just made its comeback. Yes, this Winter you can wear attire that mimics the style of the 80’s and I am quite excited about wearing the clothing from this era.
  • Military styling always had its own charm. Now the fashion designers have come up with the exciting concept of clothing that resembles the sophistication and grandeur of military getup. I like military styling, so I would like to try this out.
  •  Coats can never go out of fashion and they are a must when you want to protect yourself from the cold Winter. Now you can find really trendy looking coats to give your Winters this special touch. You can opt for a collarless bomber, a fur creation and checkered blanket style coats would always be your ultimate fantasy.

Attractive shoes choices this Winter

Shoes definitely define your sense of style.  Luckily the fashion industry has a lot of variety so that you can celebrate your Winter the best way.

  • The ankle booties look glamorous and classy and you would love to wear them guaranteed.
  • Peep toe sandals and shoes would never lose their charisma and look quite charming. They also add a much desired stylish touch to your Winters.
  • Lace up footwear adds elegance to your attire. They are a must buy this Winter.

Follow these fashion trends and make your own fashion statement. Attractive clothing and shoes would make your Winters a lot more exciting then you had thought. However, make sure that you research and make the best pick.

The Right Earrings for the Big Night Out

There can be nothing more exciting than a big night out, provided you are all prepared with your best clothes and accessories.  Earrings might sound like something small, but they are the most important aspect of your attire. However, it can be quite confusing to make the right pick, so let me make the job easy for you and guide you in this regard. Earrings have always been a fascination for me and I make sure that I have the best earrings on when I am going out with friends. Therefore, I can give you these great tips.

Tips and tricks to choose the best earrings

Follow the tips below and look great on a big night out.

  • Teardrop earringsTeardrops surely look awesome. These earrings are usually made from gemstones. They dangle below your earlobe. Similarly, dangling earrings also dangle just like the teardrops. Now when you are wearing a top that does not have straps then the dangling earrings are the right pick.  Secondly dangling earrings and teardrops look great with oval faces.
  • Studs earringsStuds or small hoops are yet another famous pick. These earrings work perfectly well when you are opting in for a conservative outfit. Hoop earrings would look really nice on you especially if you have a square shaped face.
  • Chandeliers earringChandeliers are actually decorative studs that tend to dangle below your ear.  If you have a round or heart-shaped face these earrings would look nice. Chandelier earrings also look nice with a top without straps.
  • Cluster earringsClusters look flashy and cool, and as the name suggests, they are a cluster of gems. The cluster earrings complement oval and long faces. These type of earrings are a fabulous selection for a night out.

Essential aspects to remember when buying earrings

The color of your earrings is also a vital aspect. If you opt for a color that tends to clash with your outfit then the attention of people would be drawn towards the earrings rather than the dress. It is therefore, important that the color of your earrings should blend in with your outfit.

If your attire has multiple colors then choose the earrings in one of the subtle colors that are present in your outfit. When you want to add texture to your outfit you can make a choice amongst different materials when choosing earrings. For example, when you want a casual look, plastic or wood earrings would be a perfect choice. When you want to give a dressy look, earrings with rhinestones or gemstones would be the apt selection.

Try out these essential tips to make your night out special.