Mexican foods that help with dieting

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Mexican foods that help with dieting

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It can be very disheartening to gain those extra pounds. Luckily there is a way out of the problem and you can battle your way out this situation. Losing weight becomes a much serious issue when you are a food lover and like spicy Mexican food. Most Mexican food has this perception of being quite rich in calories. Well what most of us overlook is that we have healthy alternatives as well. If you make the right choice, Mexican food can be quite a healthy alternative. If you find selecting the healthy Mexican food a problem let me give you a few tips.

Valuable tips to select healthy Mexican food

Follow the tips and fit into your new dress by losing those extra pounds.

  •  Corn TotillaYou can switch your flour tortillas with corn tortillas. You can enjoy every bite of the tortillas with salsa. This can be a light lunch for you and can be a much better alternative than tacos with cheese. Even when you are opting for tortillas go for the soft tortillas rather than the crunchy ones. The reason is that the soft tortillas are baked. On the contrary the crunchy tortillas are fried so that makes them higher in calories.
  • Refried beans are quite a popular pick in Mexican food because they have this rich blend of rich cheese, but this may not be the best pick if you want to shed a few pounds. A better option would be to switch to black beans. What makes them perfect for a dieter is that they are quite low in fat and rich in fiber and protein. The black beans are a complete meal on their own and would still give you the much desired Mexican taste that you crave for the most.
  • White and brown riceMexican cuisine is so vast so, therefore, you just would not run out of options. Grilled chicken with onions and pepper is an all time favorite and you would enjoy this meal. Chicken fajitas are also a good choice. You can also explore the bean burritos if you want to keep a strong check on your calories. Another good idea is to replace the white rice with brown rice in Mexican dishes, as they are a much healthier option. Marinated vegetables would also be a smart idea.

Foods to avoid in the Mexican cuisine

There are certain food choices that you should avoid when trying to lose weight. Nachos and double decker burritos should not be on your menu when you have to avoid high-calorie foods. You need to cut down on high-fat dressings as well, and you need to switch to healthier options for your salad, like low-fat dressing.

Now you need not miss your Mexican food anymore because you have so many healthy choices listed above. You can enjoy the mouth-watering flavors and still would not gain those dreaded pounds, so go to your grocery store and make the healthier choices right away. You would be very content with your choices, and you would not only lose weight, but your weight would remain maintained with the healthy Mexican options.

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