The Right Earrings for the Big Night Out

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The Right Earrings for the Big Night Out

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There can be nothing more exciting than a big night out, provided you are all prepared with your best clothes and accessories.  Earrings might sound like something small, but they are the most important aspect of your attire. However, it can be quite confusing to make the right pick, so let me make the job easy for you and guide you in this regard. Earrings have always been a fascination for me and I make sure that I have the best earrings on when I am going out with friends. Therefore, I can give you these great tips.

Tips and tricks to choose the best earrings

Follow the tips below and look great on a big night out.

  • Teardrop earringsTeardrops surely look awesome. These earrings are usually made from gemstones. They dangle below your earlobe. Similarly, dangling earrings also dangle just like the teardrops. Now when you are wearing a top that does not have straps then the dangling earrings are the right pick.  Secondly dangling earrings and teardrops look great with oval faces.
  • Studs earringsStuds or small hoops are yet another famous pick. These earrings work perfectly well when you are opting in for a conservative outfit. Hoop earrings would look really nice on you especially if you have a square shaped face.
  • Chandeliers earringChandeliers are actually decorative studs that tend to dangle below your ear.  If you have a round or heart-shaped face these earrings would look nice. Chandelier earrings also look nice with a top without straps.
  • Cluster earringsClusters look flashy and cool, and as the name suggests, they are a cluster of gems. The cluster earrings complement oval and long faces. These type of earrings are a fabulous selection for a night out.

Essential aspects to remember when buying earrings

The color of your earrings is also a vital aspect. If you opt for a color that tends to clash with your outfit then the attention of people would be drawn towards the earrings rather than the dress. It is therefore, important that the color of your earrings should blend in with your outfit.

If your attire has multiple colors then choose the earrings in one of the subtle colors that are present in your outfit. When you want to add texture to your outfit you can make a choice amongst different materials when choosing earrings. For example, when you want a casual look, plastic or wood earrings would be a perfect choice. When you want to give a dressy look, earrings with rhinestones or gemstones would be the apt selection.

Try out these essential tips to make your night out special.

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