10 Greek and Roman Myths That Make Great D&D Campaigns


Even for experienced Dungeon Masters who have played hundreds of hours of J&D, finding inspiration for their next adventure or campaign can be difficult. Returning to classical mythology, which has already inspired many aspects of Dungeons and Dragonscan be a good starting point.

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Delving into the mythology of ancient cultures is the perfect way to spark a sense of adventure, and the classic myths of ancient Rome and Greece are among the best places to start. Their popularity in modern culture makes them extremely accessible to anyone interested in researching this tradition.

ten Pandora’s box could be an epic endgame item

An adventurer opening a chest in Dungeons and Dragons

The legend of Pandora’s box is one of many examples of the petty and jealous nature of Zeus. Pandora was the first human woman, created by Hephaestus on the orders of Zeus as part of his revenge against the titan Prometheus for gifting humans with his stolen fire. She then received a box which, when opened, would unleash myriad horrors upon the world.

Such an object could be the perfect inspiration for an artifact coveted by a J&D the villain of the campaign, the one the heroes must desperately stop them from opening. If it were to be opened just a crack, any number of terrifying monsters could be unleashed upon the world.

9 The Minotaur’s Labyrinth would make the perfect dungeon

Minotaur Berserker D&D 5e

Perhaps one of the original dungeons to inspire the game of Dungeons and Dragonsthe Labyrinth of King Minos of Crete and the monster that lurked there, the Minotaur, is a well-known tale that could easily be adapted into a J&D adventure.

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The maze would be particularly well-suited for a low-level party, where the threat of a single minotaur stalking the group through the dark, twisting maze-like tunnels would make for both a chilling and memorable experience.

8 Perseus and the Medusa are suitable for a mid-level quest

Medusa D and D touching a statue

Another classic myth that inspired an iconic monster in J&D is that of Perseus and Medusa. Not only does it feature a truly dangerous monster, but the way Perseus defeats Medusa is a perfect example of clever problem solving.

Exploring a dungeon full of petrified statues is not new territory for Dungeons and Dragons, but there’s a reason these storylines have made their way into popular culture. For many adventurers, the idea of ​​turning to stone rather than facing true death could add that extra level of danger to a quest.

seven The Twelve Labors of Hercules Could Inspire a Whole Set of Quests

Dwayne Johnson Hercules Header

The most well-known character in classical mythology, Hercules has inspired countless TV shows, movies, games and more, and for good reason. The strength and bravery of this demigod make him the perfect example of a legendary hero.

One of the most important parts of the story of Hercules is the “Twelve Labors,” where Hercules is tasked with performing twelve awesome feats, such as slaying the Hydra and capturing the Golden Doe of Artemis. Having a group of adventurers doing a similar set of quests could be a fun connection to the popular story of this larger-than-life hero.

6 Pegasus is a mount worthy of a great hero

Many Dungeons and Dragons the scenarios take the player characters on grand adventures, traversing vast lands of forests, plains, deserts, and mountains. While walking is often possible, obtaining mounts is often seen by players as a step up in their adventure game.

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What better mount then that of legend, the legendary winged horse Pegasus? Already featured in the Monster Manualthe Pegasus would be a powerful ally for any player, as the ability to fly is perhaps one of the most coveted abilities in the game.

5 Midas’ Curse Could Fuel a Dark Story

D&D treasure pile

Although not as popular as some of the other legends in ancient mythology, many people are familiar with the name of Midas and the touch that can turn any object into gold. A J&D adventure inspired by such a story could lead to a very tragic story.

Having players travel through a kingdom to find a palace full of golden statues would certainly be a memorable experience. A quest to find a way to end the curse that afflicts the king and his people could be a lot of fun. Having a slightly more greedy or selfish character in the party could also make for some interesting role play.

4 Players could embark on their own odyssey

dragons dogma ethan cyclops

Essentially, the journey and adventures of Odysseus, hero of the Trojan War, is very much like the story of someone J&D campaign already. Full of exploration, danger, monsters, and an overriding objective, Dungeon Masters could easily adapt such a tale to its own game.

Undoubtedly, the most appropriate of the adventures inspired by the stories of the Illiad and the Odyssey of Homer would be that of Odysseus’ encounter with the Cyclops, the one-eyed monster who inspired the creature of the same name already used in many J&D Games.

3 Explore the seas with an adventure inspired by the Argonauts

Poster for Jason and the Argonauts

Having an adventure aboard a ship is something many Dungeon Masters have wanted to attempt, and the story of Jason and the Argonauts would be the perfect starting point.

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Jason’s quest to obtain the famous Golden Fleece would be the perfect backdrop for a campaign on the high seas. Perhaps players start as part of a crew led by a famous hero like Jason, and then the take over at a later stage of the adventure.

2 The Trojan War could be the backdrop for an exciting climax

City of Troy from the movie Troy

Being part of a campaign set against the backdrop of a massive battle or war would make for an exciting adventure, especially one where many famous heroes are fighting on both sides of the conflict. The history of the Trojan War is the perfect place to draw inspiration from such a story.

Bringing player characters into battle could be a momentous occasion in their story, fighting alongside other heroes on one side and against enemy champions on the other. Giving them a quest such as Infiltrating the City could lead to a result very similar to the infamous Trojan Horse, although their success may depend on the result of a Deception roll instead.

1 Fighting Achilles would make for a truly legendary boss battle

Trojan Movie

Of all the warriors who could be a truly deadly foe in J&D, the legendary fighter Achilles might be the most suitable villain. His confidence and arrogance, coupled with his nigh-invulnerability, would be a perfect fit for an adventuring party.

Testing players against such an enemy could make for a thrilling finale, especially in a scenario based around an epic battle like those seen in the Trojan War. Giving the characters a hint of their enemy’s weakness could also add to the thrill of combat, as they try to take advantage of it while battling a truly deadly foe.

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