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The statue of Greece’s national hero Theodore Kolokotronis was vandalized by unidentified people in Athens on Friday night, following a protest in the Greek capital in support of 24-year-old rape victim Georgia Bika.

As can be seen in the photos, the perpetrators spray painted the Kolokotronis statue, the Propylaea statues, Syntagma Square, banks and planters with slogans against rapists.


The images are disgusting and the damage causes a high cost for their restoration, Proto Thema reported.






However, cleanup crews from the Municipality of Athens were activated early and repaired most of the damage immediately.




Prosecutors in Thessaloniki have opened another investigation into the rape of a woman by three men during a New Year’s Eve party at a luxury hotel in Thessaloniki.

The 24-year-old claimed that when she went to the police to report the rape, the lawyer for one of the defendants pressured her to withdraw her complaint.

“He was trying to blame it on me, saying he knew things and things weren’t the way I said they were,” the woman said.

In a statement, the lawyer denied having any contact with the plaintiff and said the allegations did not reflect his “principles and ethics”.

The opposition SYRIZA party said it had suspended the lawyer until the case was clarified.

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Disappointed with the member, SYRIZA said that although the lawyer had the right to represent clients, “he cannot be involved in victim blaming”.

More worryingly, investigations into the rape allegations have been extended to Cyprus, where the alleged pimping ring at the center of the case is also believed to be active.

Investigations are ongoing, police said on Saturday, after an activist in Athens said there was information about the alleged movement of women for sexual purposes from Cyprus to Greece and Dubai.

Ilias Gionis also spoke about the involvement of minor children, evidence regarding the names of Cyprus, including politicians, as well as dealings with businessmen in Cyprus.

The connection to Cyprus followed the intervention of opposition MP Akel Christos Christofides who had contacted the famous social media activist.

A 27-year-old businessman arrested in Athens in the Thessaloniki case is believed to be linked to a wealthy Greek Cypriot family, In Cyprus reported.

Gionis, who played a key role in uncovering sex abuse cases in Greece, has made it clear that he is willing to speak to Cypriot authorities and provide any evidence regarding Cypriot involvement in the sex trafficking ring.

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