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Bikini Kill Greek Kill: It’s tough for Bleached. The pop-rock group featuring sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin had a member test positive for COVID just before the show, so they obviously had to pull out at the last minute. The poor souls posted content on social media of them training with a substitute in the parking lot, but it was too late. Safety was the priority and they couldn’t play.

Comedian Lizzy Cooperman had the difficult task of performing on barely a moment’s notice, and she did her best with a crowd clearly ready for the music. It was just a weird set of circumstances, and it felt a bit like a failure to her. Still, she was clearly thrilled to open for Bikini Kill at the Greek Theater.

Yeah, that night was all about Bikini Kill and having their reunion tour cut short by the pandemic. There were, of course, much bigger tragedies that came out of COVID, but still, it seemed unfair that their big comeback was nipped in the bud. Finally, we can properly celebrate the return of this most vital and, for years, underappreciated group.

“When Bikini Kill played in the ’90s, there was a lot of violence and aggression towards us, and there were also a lot of people who loved and supported us a lot,” Hanna recently told us. “It’s really amazing for me to come back as a singer so many years later and to receive so much love and positivity. I think people don’t realize that we weren’t a popular band “Bikini Kill was a very niche band. People either really liked us or literally wanted to kill us.

This time people really like them. At The Greek, they were greeted like the returning heroes that they are and they released a set list that left no one disappointed.

“New Radio” kicked off, jumping straight to “This is Not a Test.” Hanna was in great shape, flexing like an athlete beforehand, then pulling off all her Poly Styrene-meets-John Lydon moves. As is the norm, Tobi Vail (she who named the movement riot grrl) leads the group on several occasions, as they all change instruments.

The songs rolled by in a blur, but Hanna reminded us that “Suck My Left One” is about her 13-year-old sister being stalked by older men. A Bikini Kill show is a lively and fun punk rock concert, but the messages are more important than ever. There is still work to do. Breaking the patriarchy.

“Rebel Girl” is the only way to end the show, a true riot anthem. And then we disappear into the night, hoping for new material and impatient to find Le Tigre.

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