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On February 6, 1981, Queen Frederick, Queen of the Greeks from 1947 to 1964, later Queen Mother, died.

Queen Frederica of Greece

Friederike Luise Thyra Victoria Margarita Sophia Olga Cecilia Isabella Christa or Queen Frederica of Greece as she would later be known was born on April 18, 1917.

The wedding of Frederica and Paul (the heir apparent to the Greek throne) took place in Athens, Greece on January 9, 1938 at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. They resided after their marriage in the suburbs of Athens in a villa in Psychiko.

Ten months after their marriage, their first child, Princess Sophia (later Queen Sofía of Spain) was born at Tatoi Palace in Athens on November 2, 1938.

Less than two years later, their second child, Prince Constantine (future King Constantine II of Greece) was born on June 2, 1940 at Psychiko Palace.

The third and youngest child of Frederica and Paul, Princess Irene was born on May 11, 1942 in Cape Town, South Africa, where the family was in exile during World War II.

In February 1944, the family was exiled to Egypt until the Greek people, by referendum, chose to return King George II of Greece (Frederica’s brother-in-law) to the throne.

Exactly seven months after the referendum vote, King George II died in 1948 and Paul ascended the throne as King Paul I, making Frederica Queen Consort of Greece.

The Greek Civil War during this period caused instability and other problems, and the King and Queen visited the northern part of Greece in an attempt to unite the country.

It was also during the Civil War that the Queen, who had converted to Greek Orthodoxy, established Queen’s Camps/Children’s Towns for orphaned and poor children who received shelter, food and other necessities.

When the Greek Civil War ended in 1949, Their Majesties made several trips to places like Italy, West Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

World War II and the Holocaust caused many problems for members of the royal family who supported the Third Reich or whose family members did.

February 6, 1981 – Death of Queen Frederick, Queen of the Greeks

Queen Frederica was an example of this as her grandfather was the last Kaiser and had brothers who served in the SS (the German protection squad that rounded up Jews to send them to concentration camps).

Her relationship with Germany and people who supported Hitler was used against her by leftist members of the Greek government.

The fact that she had been in the League of German Girls – a branch of the Hitler Youth – during her childhood was also used against her; however, supporters came to his defense citing that it would have been nearly impossible not to be part of the organization in Nazi Germany at the time.

Queen Frederica did not help Greek politicians with her interference in politics in an undemocratic way and did not hide her political views (which were decidedly anti-communist). She even campaigned against the election of then Greek Prime Minister Alexander Papagos.

Less than twenty years into his reign, King Paul died on March 6, 1964 of stomach cancer. The son of Paul and Frederica, Constantine then ascended the throne – but not for long as the monarchy was abolished less than ten years later.

Frederica retired from official duties after Constantine married in 1964, giving Greece’s new queen time to step into the limelight. From then on, she only really attended royal family events. However, the opposition accused her of being the real decision maker behind the throne and not her son. The monarchy was abolished in 1973 and the Greek royal family once again left the country for a life in exile.

Her time in exile was spent in Rome, London and Spain (the latter being where her daughter Sofía resided), and it was on holiday in Madrid that she died during an eye operation due to heart failure. February 6, 1981.

Queen Frederica was only 63 years old. She was buried in the Greek Royal Family Cemetery at Tatoi Palace in Greece next to her husband, and the Greek government allowed her family to attend the funeral and burial, but asked them to leave immediately afterwards. the end.

February 6, 1981 - Queen Frederica, Queen of the Greeks Dies 1
Emperor Frederica announced his intention to create a “Relief Fund for the Northern Provinces of Greece”
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