Greek companies turn crisis into opportunity


As the coronavirus-related restrictions have greatly hampered economic activity, many Greek companies have chosen not to close but rather to redirect their production towards the products necessary for the pandemic.

Lariplast and Thrace Plastics, for example, have started producing face masks, illustrating one of the ways companies could adapt to the demands of the pandemic. And now the list of companies turning crisis into opportunity is growing.

In another example, a wedding dress design firm has joined the effort to produce much-needed face masks, while plastics firm Tetraform – based in Kilkis, Central Macedonia – has started making face masks. plastic face shields for hospitals.

Other companies have turned to the production of disinfectants.

Olga Karaververis, head of the Karaververis fashion house, tells Kathimerini that “during the confinement, which made us suspend the production of clothes and freeze all appointments for wedding fittings, we decided to use our small production unit and our know-how for the creation of fabric masks, which are vital products.

The Karaververis unit now has a production capacity of 3,000 masks per day and mainly supplies parapharmacies and large foundations. The company does not agree with the idea of ​​​​turning masks into fashion products: “I would not like to consider the protective mask as a fashionable item. It is not about fashion, but rather a product that only entered our lives during the time of the pandemic. In any case, the crisis can be a starting point to support Greek products and national industry,” she argues.

Nanophos was founded in 2005 and manufactures nanotechnology products. It has recently branched out into hand sanitizer gels and other pharmaceuticals, but its forte remains its SurfaShield smart products made with nanocrystalline titanium dioxide.

These are applied to surfaces of daily use (door handles, stainless steel surfaces, textiles, etc.) and produce an invisible screen with antimicrobial properties triggered by natural or artificial light. The screen remains active for more than a month even when cleaning products are used on it.


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