Greek filmmaker and poet Roviros Manthoulis dies in Paris from COVID-19 — Greek City Times


Roviros Manthoulis, 92, died of COVID-19 in Paris.

The filmmaker, radio producer and poet was born in Komotini but grew up in Athens, where he studied political science at Pantion University.

His first collection of poems was published in 1949, while he frequented the famous loft of Cafe Loumidis, discussing arts and letters with contemporaries such as music composer Manos Chatzidakis and poet/translator Nikos Gatsos, among others. .

He studied film and television directing at Syracuse University from 1949 to 1953 where he attracted unwanted attention from the authorities for writing an article in the local newspaper against McCarthyism.

Upon his return to Greece in 1953, he first collaborated with the country’s state broadcaster for its Wednesday theater show, where Manthoulis introduced new techniques of radio dramatization. At that time he also ran two film schools, “Stavrakos” and “Ioannidis”.

With the advent of the Greek dictatorship in 1967, Manthoulis moved to Paris, where his television program “A l’annonce du monde” (1968-1971) featured many celebrities of the time, including the Rolling Stones , Joan Baez, John Mayall, Johnny Hallyday, Mikis Theodorakis and Melina Mercouri, among many others.

In 1991, Manthoulis became the president of the Greek community of Paris, and he also received the city’s medal for his rich cultural production.

Greek Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni expressed her condolences “to her family and her many friends”.

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