Greek ministries establish program for the development of fishing tourism


Greek Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development Simos Kedikoglou and Greek Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki.

The Greek Ministries of Tourism and Agricultural Development added the development and promotion of fishing tourism on this week’s agenda.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia zacharaki and Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development Simos kedikoglou recently met a team of experts to discuss ways to coordinate initiatives and actions with local stakeholders for the promotion of tourist fishing activities.

At the top of the priority list is the continuation of the reform of a framework It’s okay cover tourist fishing operations and commercial activity, allow the introduction of incentives and the updating if necessary of the relevant legislation in this direction.

The key to the development of tourist fishing activities is promotion and marketing actions in Greece and abroad as part of a wider campaign highlighting the country’s alternative tourism options.

Kedikoglou, head of fisheries policy, said a pilot marketing campaign including fishing tourism will depart from Evia and serve as a model for the national campaign, which will be presented in Halkida in the coming weeks.

He said the goal was double: “On the one hand, to protect fishing stocks and provide fishermen with an alternative source of income, but also to provide tourism with an additional tool because Greece is an ideal destination for fishing tourism,” he said. added.

For his part, Zacharaki stressed the importance of awareness and cooperation with local fishermen as well as the need to offer incentives.

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