International Greek Language Day: Dr. Isaak Papadopoulos Translanguaging Presentation


what Translinguage? Translinguage refers to a teaching process of using more than one language in a classroom lesson. It is the practice of using two languages ​​in the same lesson, which differs from many previous methods of bilingual education which attempted to separate languages ​​by grade, time or day. The term is the result of bilingualism. It is used in school and any place of multilingual speakers, who make up most of the language communities in the world. 1

Dr. Isaak Papadopoulos gave a virtual presentation on the importance of translingualism in Greek language education in the United States, February 9and, at the “International Greek Language Day” of the Department of Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America with Larnaca College, Cyprus. His PowerPoint presentation was amazing. It combined theoretical information about language learning with practical ideas, related to teaching Greek in schools with young and older students.

Dr. Papadopoulos preferred blue and white colors like the colors of the Greek flag. He stressed the importance of promoting and maintaining Greek language, culture, and history for students of Greek and American descent living in the United States. His use of quotations from famous Greek authors and linguists was impressive. The teacher used images and videos to guide Greek teachers in America. Dr. Papadopoulos has inspired educators to implement educational and creative activities to develop the Greek language in the school curriculum.

His Translanguaging presentation offered practical teaching activities that can be used in teaching Greek language in the United States. The professor discussed the origin of Translanguaging and how it can be implemented and promoted in the classroom. It used multimodal activities, interactive games and rhetoric-based tasks, placing the Greek language at the center of the teaching and learning process. The presenter emphasized that teachers should allow learners to use their entire linguistic and paralinguistic repertoire when learning Greek. They must not forget the Greek language!

His studies, expertise and knowledge of Greek language teaching were reflected in his online presentation which addressed Translanguaging not only theoretically but pedagogically and practically in his attempt to facilitate teacher behavior in Greek schools in ‘America. “Dr. Papadopoulos has helped us with many online presentations,” said Dr. Anastasios Koularmanis, Director of Greek Education and Ms. Athena Tsokou Kromidas, President of the High Council for Greek Education in the United States.

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The Department of Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America with Larnaca College, Cyprus. gave an overview of new teaching techniques in the study of the Greek language. “I understand the difficulties of keeping Greek alive in the United States,” said rector Dr. Mavrokodatos of Larnaca College. “I lived in America. I understand and I will help. Cyprus promotes education is a numerous and academically strong network of universities and colleges.



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