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Ioanna Paliospirou, after becoming a symbol of strength following the vitriolic attack that left her with severe burns over most of her body, is now embarking on a new professional project, through which she will surely spread even more messages of empowerment and optimism.

As she announced in a new Instagram post, she’s started her own podcast.

In the caption, he wrote: “New page, new start… My podcast… ‘IOANNA’. Thank you for always being there for me and embracing it with love, because I do so with great love for you. Listen to him here.”

In a series of photos and videos by photographer Olympia Krasagaki, Ioanna poses with a plaid skirt, where fuchsia, purple and orange tones dominate.

His podcast got off to a vibrant start, as Garyfallia’s mother, Aleka Psarakou, spoke to him recently.

Both women confessed the moments that brought them together with deep love and appreciation and delivered a common message to girls who are scared but especially to boys, who should look within and eradicate violence. 0

“Garyfallia had an angelic face and a good opinion of everything. Maybe she thought she could change it,” Psarakou said, among other things, of her daughter.

See Ioanna Paliospyiou’s new Instagram post:

On May 20, 2020, Efi Kakaranzoula viciously attacked Ioanna with vitriol, causing extensive burns that resulted in multiple surgeries to save her life.

Speaking of the attack, Efi’s cousin said: “She was capable of anything. She went and threw the vitriol at the other girl.

“She was capable of anything. I can’t psychologize her.

“She didn’t apologize and made a very bad impression on me and I think she may not have regretted it at all.”

Regarding Efi’s family, the cousin said, “What should her parents say? People are shocked.

“They are ashamed to leave their house.

“His brother is depressed. He does not speak, he is in shock.

“At first she didn’t know what had happened because she was very upright. Now she began to realize the punishment, the outcry of the people.

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