John Rerakis’ Lettuce Joke About Inflation Prices Gets It On Greek National TV


Philhellene Provincial Greek Cuisine restaurant owner John Rerakis is (in)famous for his jokes. Nothing escapes his sense of humor on social media.

The constant increase in the cost of living which has even affected the price of vegetables has not escaped the Cretan repertoire.

Neos Cosmosadded one of his photos posted on Facebook where he pretends to steal a lettuce while at Victoria Market, hiding it under his sweater as part of a larger commentary on inflation prices.

Greek media picked up the story, with national TV channel ERT going so far as to invite Rerakis to the popular weekend TV show “Savvatokyriako”.

“Once upon a time in Crete, we guarded the cattle so they wouldn’t be stolen, now we have to watch the… lettuce,” the restaurateur joked, next to a lettuce he had chained just outside. side of him.

John Rerakis at Philhellene in front of the yield of his vegetable garden. Photo: Supplied

Referring to the ever-increasing cost of living and in particular rising food prices, he shared his concerns about the general feeling of stress and hopelessness that many families and business owners are facing and said that “Sadly these problems don’t go away with a smile, yet having a sense of humor helps lighten the mind and provides a fresh perspective.”

Arguing that lettuce is the new toilet paper and will soon be competing with the price of gold, Rerakis pointed out that $10 for a small bunch is more than exorbitant.

A photo of John Rerakis on the Greek edition of Neos Kosmos pretending to steal lettuce from the market after the price hike. Photo: Neos Kosmos

Aside from product prices, the Greek-Australian restaurateur has complained that the hospitality sector is still suffering from understaffing after two years of pandemic restrictions and a lack of visa holders coming to Australia. At the same time, many residents and citizens are struggling with unemployment.

*For clarity and transparency, the photo of Rarakis “stealing” lettuce from the market stall was staged and the stall owner was in on the joke.

Watch the YouTube video here:


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