Local News: All-Greek Ceremony Recognizes Greek Week 2022, School Year Achievements (4/14/22)


Greek Week Prices:

Overall Greek Week Winner: Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Delta Theta

Greek week 2nd place overall: Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Chi

Greek week 3rd place overall: Sigma Sigma Sigma and Sigma Phi Epsilon

Order of Omega rewards:

Greek Heart Award: Elliot Siekmann, Sigma Nu

Greek Heart Award: Heather Hoffman, Sigma, Sigma, Sigma

Interfraternity Council Advisor of the Year: John Vincent, Sigma Phi Epsilon

National Panhellenic Conference Councilor of the Year: Julie Vinson, Delta, Delta, Delta

National Panhellenic Council Advisor of the Year: Felica Ezell-Gillespie, Delta Sigma Theta

National Panhellenic Conference President of the Year: Alex Meyer, Gamma Phi Beta

Interfraternity Council President of the Year: Reed Carlson, Sigma Phi Epsilon

National Panhellenic Council President of the Year: Chamaya Steward-Moore, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Interfraternity Council Greek Man of the Year: Logan Phillips, Sigma Nu

National Panhellenic Conference Greek Woman of the Year: Abbey Hammack, Delta Delta Delta

National Panhellenic Council Greek Woman of the Year: Zykiah Williams, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Unsung Heroes: Hunter Perkins, Sigma Nu

Unsung Heroine: Kaitlyn Kirkley, Alpha Chi Omega

Teacher of the Year: Dr. Timothy Schmidt

Teacher of the Year: Dr. Erin Fluegge

New Member of the Year: Blake Patterson, Lambda Chi Alpha

New Member of the Year: Abigail Gates, Alpha Delta Pi

Sophomore of the Year: Jack Graham, Tau Kappa Epsilon

Second year of the year: Abagayle Johnson, Gamma Phi Beta

Junior of the Year: Austin Ames, Sigma Nu

Junior of the Year: Gabriela Soltys, Alpha Delta Pi

Individual Community Service Award: Brett Reynolds, Sigma Nu

Individual Community Service Award: Gracie Jane Peavler, Alpha Delta Pi

Five-star university:

Academic achievement: Sigma Nu

Academic Achievement: Delta Delta Delta

Chapter Management: Phi Delta Theta

Chapter management: Gamma Phi Beta

Member development and training: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Member Development and Education: Delta Delta Delta

Civic and Community Engagement: Sigma Nu

Civic and Community Engagement: Alpha Delta Pi

Harm Reduction/Risk Management: Sigma Nu

Harm Reduction/Risk Management: Gamma Phi Beta

NPHC Chapter Commitment Award: Delta Sigma Theta

Fraternal Achievement Award: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Chi Omega, Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Nu, Alpha Delta Pi

Fraternity of the Year 2021: Sigma Nu

Sisterhood of the Year, 2021: Delta Delta Delta


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