Masquespacio reinterprets Greek architecture at Egeo


design studio Masquepacio designed Egeo, a new Greek restaurant in Valencia, Spain. The latest location in the souvlaki chain expands on the themes of its predecessor and reinterprets the conventions of Greek architecture through a lavish, surreal lens.

“We had to start from the blue and white color scheme as well as other typical characteristics of Greek architecture. We proposed to the client, in this case, to take certain traditional elements like Greek columns and bring them into the future with a new interpretation made by a 3D printer and integrating lighting to make the look more futuristic”, explains Christophe, co-founder and director of Masquespacio. Think. “Other sources of inspiration were the blue and white houses of Greece with adobe materials, which we reinterpreted through the use of mortex, a new material that creates the same effect.”

The 3D-printed columns take on deep, vibrant blue tones that stand out dramatically against whitewashed walls abstractly adorned with soft, organic shapes. Adobe-like material covers the walls and floors, while LED tubes elevate some columns, further infusing a futuristic air reminiscent of the Korova Milkbar. A central bar anchors the interior, establishing a layout informed by an informal Greek market populated by metal and wooden tables and chairs. Penasse adds: “The space aims to bring guests into a new world completely disconnected from what is happening outside and enjoy a Greek feel for a moment.

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