Nano Dotz partners with Greek company TheraCell


The share price of Israeli company Dotz Nano jumped 9% on the Australian Stock Exchange today after the company announced a new deal it says will bring in at least $5 million in first-time revenue. year, Tendency reports referring to Globes.

Dotz Nano, based in Kfar Sava, develops, produces and sells carbon-based materials used for tracing, anti-counterfeiting and product liability solutions.

The company said it had signed an agreement with Greek company TheraCell Labs, a subsidiary of Orgenesis Inc., which is listed on Nasdaq with a market capitalization of $80 million. The companies will collaborate on a project in which Dotz Nano will contribute its technology for marking disposable bioprocess consumables.

The companies will also collaborate to develop an identification standard to mark patient-derived cells. If the project results in a successful commercial product, TheraCell will pay Dotz Nano 5% of sales.

Dotz Nano has a current price of 0.365 Australian dollars, up from 0.20 Australian dollars when it was merged with an Australian exchange shell company and went public in 2016. Its market capitalization is 147 million Australian dollars (353 million shekels).


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