New York charity raises money for Wandering Greeks in memory of Betty White


Betty White would have turned 100 on January 17 and, given her legacy as an animal rights activist, thousands of animal lovers around the world are donating to charities and causes in her memory. .

The sudden wave of charitable donations in the late actress’s name has been dubbed the #BettyWhiteChallenge and has gone viral on social media.

Included in the list of participating organizations is the Greek America Foundation, a New York-based nonprofit that financially supports a refuge on the Greek island of Crete that has rescued hundreds of abandoned, abused and vulnerable animals.

Since September 2020, the foundation allows donors to make tax-deductible contributions specifically intended for the Souda Shelter project.

Aidan, Shane and Adam, three male puppies awaiting adoption at the Souda shelter in Chania, Crete. January 2022.
(Photo courtesy of Souda Shelter Project via Facebook)

The shelter is run by New Yorker Elizabeth Iliakis, an experienced volunteer who has built a place where abandoned and stray dogs can be fed and adopted. At any given time, the facility houses and cares for dozens of dogs awaiting adoption.

“I am very proud to support the Souda Shelter and Elizabeth, a woman who gives voice to the voiceless,” said Greek America Foundation President Gregory Pappas. “Elizabeth and her team have rescued hundreds – probably thousands – of stray animals from the streets of Crete. At the shelter, they provide medical care, microchipping and everything needed before finding permanent homes for these animals throughout Greece, Europe and the world.

Donations can be made to the Greek America Foundation’s #BettyWhiteChallenge benefiting Souda Shelter by clicking here.

Souda’s shelter regularly shares videos of the animals it rescues, including one featuring a dog named Rhino who had survived a particularly horrific case of abuse. The video can be viewed via YouTube.

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