Pakistani man rapes 17-year-old schoolgirl in Athens — Greek City Times


A 17-year-old student was dragged into an Athens studio by a Pakistani man and later raped after turning on the television to drown out her cries and cries for help.

After her assault and having left his genetic imprint on the girl’s blouse and body, he drove her home on a motorbike and issued a threat, warning the teenager not to say anything as she had been released by him , according to Directus.

When a few days ago, the 17-year-old student from Kamatero, met via Instagram the Pakistani man in his thirties, who appeared under a pseudonym on social networks, she could not imagine the torture she was going to live in the April night. 11.

The man persuaded her to meet at 9:30 p.m. in front of her house for a walk.

He picked her up on a motorbike and drove her to a park in the Korydallos neighborhood, where he treated her clumsily and aggressively.

The girl asked him to stop and take her home, but the Pakistani had other plans.

He turned off the television and raped her.

It was 10:10 p.m. The attacker, instead of taking her home, drove her to a ground floor apartment in the same neighborhood.

The girl in her statement to the Korydallos police said she did not remember the address, but she described the place.

He locked the door, turned on the TV so the neighbors couldn’t hear what was going on in the studio, undressed and rushed at the minor, crushing her sick instincts on her.

The gruesome scene lasted about half an hour. The girl resisted and with all her remaining strength begged him to stop. But in vain…

After doing his deed, the Pakistani, having left his genetic fingerprint on the 17-year-old girl’s blouse, ordered her to get up and take her home.

In fact, he asked her not to talk about all the horrible things she’s been through.

Shortly after, the girl in shock went to the police in Korydallos where she reported her rape.

She even gave a description of the Pakistani and the profile she used on Instagram and was ordered to be examined by a medical examiner.

His T-shirt, with the biological fingerprint of the assailant, was confiscated and sent to forensic laboratories for analysis.

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