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Who would have thought that Las Vegas “Disneyland for Adults” was not only home to 24-hour casinos, non-stop entertainment and vibrant nightlife, but also Greek restaurants, cafes, a famous food festival of State of Nevada – The Greek Food Festival, Greek Dance Groups and a Greek Orthodox Church.

Today we share with you some of these fantastic bits of Greece in Vegas!

Greek restaurants in Las Vegas

Food and Catering →

Estiatorio Milos: This elegant Greek restaurant on the third floor of the Cosmo Hotel serves fresh seafood in a whitewashed Mediterranean-style setting and great downtown views. With a $29 lunch special for a 3-course meal at an upscale restaurant, the high caliber of food, service, and ambiance make this a real treat. The grilled octopus with Santorini Fava is so tender that the octopus literally melts in your mouth and sits on a bed of delicious java mash. And for lobster lovers, there’s a fantastic lobster pasta tail, which is claw-and-knuckle meat from a whole lobster on a bed of pasta dressed in a bright, sweet and sour tomato sauce, that makes your stomach rumble just reading about it. This place is a must in Las Vegas!

Estiatorio Milos IV
Grilled Octopus with Santorini Fava
Pieces of Greece in Vegas 1

W: https://www.estiatoriomilos.com/
P: +1 212-245-7400
A: 125 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019, USA

Stephano LV's Greek grill
Stephano’s Greek Grill

Stephano’s Greek and Mediterranean grill: No other place in Las Vegas can beat the way this place grills their meat. Customers love that Gyros meat is always grilled to perfection. Another star on the menu is the feta fries, which are super good served with the secret frying sauce, which is deliciously irresistible. With a few locations around Las Vegas, you’d always be close to a Stephano’s Greek and Mediterranean Grill, and no matter how hard you try to resist the urge to eat here, believe me, it won’t work!
W: stephanoslv.com
P: +1 702-795-8444
A: 4632 S Maryland Pkwy #14, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

greek food
Baklava & Rizogalo Ice Cream
Meraki Greek Grill

Meraki Greek Grill: This restaurant prides itself on serving fresh and tasty Mediterranean cuisine, with huge portions no matter what you order from the menu, which is why it’s such a popular spot. The service is also amazing and you can tell it’s a family business, where they treat you like you’re part of it by being friendly, helpful and patient. Dessert is definitely the best part of the meal, so you need to make sure you leave plenty of room, although as the saying goes, dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes straight to the heart. Baklava ice cream is the perfect blend of vanilla ice cream with crunchy nuts, layered puff pastry and honey syrup, freshly made because the filo pastry is not soggy. It would be a shame not to mention their rice pudding as well – creamy, perfectly sweet and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla, too good to handle.
W: merakigreekgrill.com
T: +1 702-202-1002
A: 4950 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 160, Las Vegas, NV 89118, United States

The Great Greek:
The Great Greek:

The Great Greek: From their traditional dishes like Souvlaki (chicken or steak), Gyros, or their modern options like feta fries and Athenian burger, this place is always packed! Come hungry, leave full and satisfied with so many mouth slobbering options on the menu to choose from. Feta Fries, a gold mine waiting to be tasted by everyone. The Lemon Feta Fries are a must as they are the best fries you will ever taste with all that delicious melted cheese everywhere. You will be overwhelmed with their extensive menu which also includes quick bites like Spanakopita, Tiropita and a delicious Baklava!
F: facebook.com/thegreatgreekgrill/
T: +1 702-547-2377
A: 1275 W Warm Springs Rd Ste 160, Henderson, NV 89014, USA

Pieces of Greece in Vegas 2

Coffee →

Yassou Greek Grill Cafe: This family business recreates the experience of eating the most delicious homemade Greek cuisine at an affordable price, leaving its loyal customers coming back for more. Not to mention, as soon as you enter this place, you will notice the Greek artwork and the typical blue and white pattern that is all over the restaurant. There is a cool story along the wall about the history of the restaurant, while Greek music playing in the background flows throughout the open kitchen, providing cool interaction between chefs and customers. Offering incredible healthy Mediterranean cuisine, with popular dishes – Greek Salad, Dolmades, Spanakopita and Lemon Chicken Pita, Yassou never fails.
W: www.yassougrill.com
T: +1 702-798-8989
A: 7871 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117, United States

Pieces of Greece in Vegas 3
Pieces of Greece in Vegas 4

Market Grill Cafe: This cafe has locals who return weekly with their delicious food and is a Las Vegas staple. The owner Rhonda is a second generation Greek from the island of Ikaria and together with her husband and son they offer authentic and unique homemade dishes. Their signature dish is pomegranate chicken which is unusual and wonderful because the chicken falls apart with the fork alone and the rice is super tasty. Another menu that stands out is the eggplant parmesan, which customers say is to die for, as well as the cannoli which is a sweet treat to finish off the meal.
W: marketgrillecafe.com
T: +1 702-396-0070
A: 7070 N Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89149, USA

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
Church of St. John the Baptist Las Vegas

Greek Orthodox Church →

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
A: 5300 El Camino Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118, United States
P: +1 702-221-8245
W: vegasgreekorthodox.com

greek dance
Las Vegas Greek Dance Group

Greek dance →

Las Vegas Greek Dance School – St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
P: +1 702-221-8245
F: facebook.com/Las-Vegas-Greek-Dance-School-St-John-the-Baptist-Greek-Orthodox-Church

LV Greek Party
Annual Greek Festival in Las Vegas

Greek party →

If you are Hellenic or Philhellenic, this event is for you. The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival is an annual three-night event at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, which National Geographic says is the best food festival in the state of Nevada. The price of admission shouldn’t deter visitors, as they won’t miss much, including Greek music from live bands, fresh homemade food, Greek dancing, and the incredible atmosphere that surrounds it.
W: lvgff.com
F: facebook.com/LasVegasGreekFoodFestival/
A: 5300 El Camino Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

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