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By COSTAS KANTOURIS, Associated Press

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — A protest march by 1,500 far-left activists in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki turned violent towards its end on Saturday, when some protesters threw firebombs and stones at riot police, who responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

Police prevented the marchers from reaching their intended destination, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki campus. Thirty people were arrested, 27 of whom will face charges, police said.

The march was the culmination of a week of protests against the New Year’s Eve eviction of activists who had occupied a room in the university’s biology department for 34 years.

The occupation did not disrupt the functioning of the service and the room became a center of activity. The department decided it needed the room to expand its library, and the police forced a locked door into the room, which was empty at the time.

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The activists reoccupied the hall on January 10 but were evicted in a new police operation the next day. Fifteen people have been arrested and their trial is scheduled for Friday.

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