‘Record’ number of women appointed to Melbourne Greek Community Board


As Melbourne’s Greek community prepared to elect its 19-member board on Sunday afternoon, in the hours leading up to the AGM, one of the comments dominating the pre-poll discussions concerned the big – “record” according to some – number of women nominated.

But a female absence was notable on the list of nominations (FULL LIST BELOW): the first woman vice-president of the GOCMV, Tammy Iliou.

“For many months I was torn whether to re-challenge. I decided not to. It’s a tough decision but the right decision. I’m proud of my contribution and my accomplishments as a volunteer with the GCM – for decades – and for the past twelve years as a director,” Ms Iliou wrote in a social media post.

The post, highlighting some key moments of her tenure and paying tribute to supporters and fellow board members, also included a personal account of her experience as one of the few women to serve on the board. of GOCMV and the first as vice-president, as well as a council for the organization.

“A few days after being elected vice-president, I was clearly shocked to learn from a prominent member of the male community that I was the “symbolic first vice-president”.
There is no hiding from it. Gender inequality continues to be a challenge. When I was first elected to the board in 2009, there were only two women out of the 19 board members. This level of under-representation is unthinkable today. However, the current Council still had only five women.
I recommend that the organization commit to having at least eight female board members. This is what many members of our community now expect, as do the organization’s business partners and all levels of government.
My goal was to change this imbalance and I am saddened to leave that goal unfulfilled. I am also disappointed that there has not been more progress on a collective strategic direction and community plan.
Ultimately, members of the organization and the wider community assess whether the board is diverse or representative of the community.
I know and recognize that diversity is not just based on gender – and it is time for the organization to consciously work towards deep and broad representation. Therefore, I call on my fellow members to try! There are many memorable moments to be had, friendships to be made, and changes to be made.



At 5 p.m. on Saturday January 15, 2022

1 Karamarkos Kostas

2 Papadoupoulos Spiros

3 Stefanidi Kostas

4 Cup of Sgardelis

5 Costa Alexis

6 Georgalis Angela

7 Zangalis Vasso

8 Kyritsis Vicky

9 Makrigiorgos Aggelos

10 Nick Dallas

11 Anthea Sidiropoulos

12 Janna Trifon

13 Betty Dimitropoulos

14 Hiotis Eleni

15 Nick Koukouvitakis

16 Manuel Tsimiris

17 Dean Kotsianis

18 Mena Giannelli

19 Nicholas Poulakos

20 Chris Sikavitsas

21 Kathy Bossinakis

22 Spiridoula Demetriou

23 Jim Bossinakis

24 Michael Karamitos

25 Leonidas Vlahakis

26 Marinis Pirpiris

27Bill Papastergiadis

28 Elias Diacolabrianos

29 Meni Christofakis

30 Efstathia Zafiropoulos

31 Anita Philopoulos

32 Theo Markos

33 Jeana Vithoulkas

34 Maria Rerakis

35 Costas Markos

36 Christos Fifis


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