“Reusable solutions allow Greek companies to access new export markets”


Since 2020, Hellagro has been a commercial partner for Packnatur® nets from VPZ for Greece and Cyprus. The Greek company HELLAGRO SA is active in the market for industrial packaging, food packaging and agricultural applications, offering safe, innovative and cost-effective solutions. It has its headquarters in Athens and Thessaloniki; three logistics centers in Aspropyrgos, Thessaloniki and Drama guarantee the best possible service to its customers. Hellagro continues to expand its market share.

In 2011 the company was recognized by ICAP as one of the most dynamic companies in Greece and in 2019 Hellagro received the packaging innovation award. Hellagro has strategic partnerships with renowned international companies, its business activities include the Balkans, Cyprus and the Middle East. VPZ spoke to Nassos Valakas, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain at Hellagro, about his first experience with the market’s innovative network.

Nassos Valakas, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager at Hellagro. Photo: Hellagro

Nassos, we are delighted that you are now introducing and distributing our Packnatur® cellulose nets and Pick Pack reusable bags in Greece. You are an industrial and food packaging specialist with a focus on mesh packaging and a special Green Packaging segment. When we think of Greece, we immediately think of oranges and lemons. What is currently requested, packed by you?
“Exactly, oranges and lemons are the dominant agricultural products in Greece, among others of course! Our customers have successfully used Packnatur® cellulose nets to pack oranges and lemons, and we hope to receive requests for other vegetables and fruits in the future.

Do you already have customer feedback? What do they like about innovation?
“Yes, we did. All our customers are very satisfied with the material properties of Packnatur® nets and their behavior during the packaging process. It also allows them to open new export markets because more more and more suppliers are turning to sustainable solutions.”

How is the sustainable packaging market developing in Greece in general? What is the role of the consumer, what is the objective of the policy?
“It is encouraging to see that not only large companies, but all Greeks are increasingly concerned about the issue of sustainability. In 2021, we could see a significant increase in customer interest in solutions based about the problems.

Additionally, the issue is strongly supported by the government as a driver for a sustainable future, allowing companies like Hellagro to thrive and develop packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly and compliant with EU guidelines. a circular economy. Ultimately, with VPZ and Packnatur® as the driving force, Hellagro aspires to become a benchmark for sustainable packaging in Greece in the coming years. »

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