The Greek restaurant Park Ex Tripoli has closed


Longtime Park Ex restaurant and under-the-radar Montreal institution Tripoli has decided to quit. The family-run Greek restaurant on rue Saint-Roch, known for its rustic platters of fried calamari and grilled lamb chops, posted a brief farewell message on his Facebook page over the weekend: “After more than 12 years, we have decided to end our trip at Restaurant Tripoli,” the owners say in the post. Sokratis and Evie Kokkinos bought the restaurant in 2010, but it was a staple for much longer, having opened in 1985.

Taco Bell confirms its closures in Quebec

The supplier of 5-layer burritos and cheese chalupas confirmed suspicions on Friday that it had decided to leave the province. Responding to CJAD Producer Marissa Ramnanan question on Twitter about the channel’s presence in the provinces, Taco Bell declared: “Our branches in Quebec are closing. We love all our Quebec fans and hope to see you again soon [heart emoji]. ”

The chain opened its first location in the province, in the west of the island of Montreal, 15 years ago, and finally added outposts in Côte-Vertu and on the South Shore, all in spaces shared with the PFK (Kentucky Fried Chicken) points of sale, which is also operated by Yum! Brands. While the fast food juggernaut is only now recognizing closings, reviews left on Google’s listings of locations suggest they have been closed for months. Eater contacted Taco Bell to inquire about the reason for his departure.

The closest locations are now those of Hawkesbury and Cornwall, Ontario and St. Alban’s, Vermont.

The Housing Fondue and Karaoke Mash-Up Zoé is for sale

Will Montrealers soon run out of places to simultaneously enjoy pots of bubbling cheese fondue and performances by amateur singers? Silo 57 reports than the building that houses St-Michel Bar Zoé Fondues Karaoke & Cocktails is on the market, noting that it’s unclear what that means for the unconventional hangout, which has been around since 1999. That said, in a New Years post posted on Zoé’s Facebook page, the company said it would resume operations once the provincial restrictions were lifted. Eater has reached out to Zoe for comment.


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