The new Greek Technical Guide 2022 is now available


ATHENS – Lucy Xu, Founder and CEO of The Port Global, spoke with The National Herald about the new Greek Tech Guide 2022 which includes useful information for the tech communities, investors and the Greek diaspora, among others. The Guide is also the special Greece Roots edition, honoring the bicentenary of Greek independence.

Greek-American Drake G. Behrakis, co-founder of 2TmX Advisors, philanthropist and supporter of Greek business, is quoted in the guide: “In a relatively short period of time, Greece’s innovative spirit has developed a robust ecosystem that is impacting the global market.. Sustainability will be a challenge, but the ever-growing pipeline will ensure success in the next decade.

TNH: How long did it take to create the Guide?

Lucy Xu: This 2022 guide took about six months, but the work has been in progress since 2017. This guide was born out of our field research and our work in the field (advising Greek startups and partnering with innovation hubs and local universities) at The Port Global, which was founded with the mission of connecting resources across markets to understand and amplify the potential of emerging tech markets like Greece.

TNH: Who is the intended reader?

LX: Over the years, we have received an increasing number of inquiries about the true potential and strength of this specific momentum:

– Tech communities from mature and saturated tech markets (mainly NYC and Silicon Valley)

– International investors (mainly from the United States, East Asia and Northern Europe)

– Startuppers from other emerging tech markets

– Greeks of the Diaspora

– Anyone interested in the historic transformation of one of the world’s oldest civilizations into a land of technological opportunity

TNH: What should TNH readers know about the Guide?

LX: The special edition of the guide inspired by the recent Greece 2021 milestone is a celebration of 200 years of independence, the perfect opportunity to showcase the ancient roots of key sectors in Greece, including an updated Greek tech map comprehensively mapping all companies based in Greece and Greece. -founded startups around the world. We hope that this guide will inspire a closer look at this specific ecosystem located at the crossroads of East and West, home to the origins of the Silk Road which has been the engine of innovation, cooperation and expansion since antiquity.

As the initiator of the project and as a Chinese-American philhellenic who moved from New York to Athens in 2017, I hope this guide can help shed light on the country’s inspiring international innovation ties and highlight how it paves the way for future generations and interest. What was recently a country in deep crisis has always been a country benefiting from international innovation and investment. I am inspired by the potential revival of the Silk Road legacy and how it will translate into modern transitions of countries in this time of major change.

TNH: Where can they get a copy?

LX: A complete virtual version can be accessed at: A limited edition is also being released. To request a copy, email: [email protected]

TNH: What are you working on next?

LX: Following The Port Global mission in Athens, I am returning after six months in the Amazon for a new sustainable development project, the opening of a new port between Latin America and Southeast Asia, with Greece as a bridge to Europe. This initiative is called GLOBAL PORTAL: an international platform highlighting the essential networks and interactions of the Amazon rainforest (source of more than 40% of the world’s oxygen supply and the largest reserve of standing water among others medical and critical resources) with our international business.

In the first phase of the initiative, this platform will preserve a simple key to unlocking the Amazon: an endangered native pollinator, a stingless bee existing since prehistoric times known as the “Mayan bee”, producing what is considered the best honey in the world. world (preview photos attached). We decided to follow the path of a modern silk corridor to build this network of native pollinators in the subtropics of the world, from east to west., and its vital derivatives.


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