They want to rebuild our Greek-American house – but no one consults the residents


Dear Editor:

It seems that everything in the Greek-American community is under construction: the archdiocese, the New York conference, and who knows what else in parts of the country that I don’t know. Now, that’s a good thing, not just because some of these institutions have been mismanaged for so long, but because – as is natural after 120 years in our accelerated times – our community is changing in dramatic ways that present to both challenges and opportunities. Some leaders, with opinions expressed at conferences and in the pages of the National Herald, have talked about it for years. The main fact to settle is our 90% rate of mixed marriages. I say decades because I first became aware of it around 1990 – when it was around 70%.

That was over 30 years ago. It’s a challenge because far fewer of our children hear Greek at home – since spouses in mixed marriages don’t speak Greek – Newsflash! But what was a problem in 1970 has a solution in 2022 – children can learn Greek through apps on their phones, as TNH reported on the Niarchos Foundation and Archdiocese initiatives – and why our Is imagination limited – kids and parents can’t learn TOGETHER how to play games with such apps? And can’t they learn their Orthodox faith in such a fun and practical way?

By the way, the opportunity is to turn those millions of non-Greek in-laws into Philhellenes – and THEY too can learn Greek with these same apps when they visit Greece.

But my main question is: why are these things not discussed at the heart of our community – the parishes? Why can’t there be a “traveling show” of general meetings in parishes to discuss these issues. For comments and ideas? Maybe TNH can sponsor them.

Demetrios Pappas

New York, NY


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