Tornos News | Greek Minister of Tourism: positive messages on the outlook for the sector


“The messages for the new year make us optimistic about the prospects for tourism in an unstable climate caused by the Omicron variant,” Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Sunday in an interview with, reports ANA.
Kikilias spoke of the next steps to support the “locomotive of the Greek economy”, noting that “we want more, better tourism, all over the country and not just in traditionally popular destinations”.
He stressed that the new strategy for tourism is created with the traditional and dynamic segments of the market and of society, “from hoteliers and tourism professionals to restaurateurs and the commercial world of the country and of course to their employees”.
“All those who improve the tourism product and benefit at the same time indirectly or directly. These are the people who must be supported so that together we can send a strong message of further development of tourism, to which we always want to come back. average Greek family, ”noted Kikilias.

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