Tornos news | Mayors: the Greek capital of Athens and Boston become “sister cities”


The Greek capital of Athens and the US city of Boston will become ‘sister cities’ after a decision by Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, according to

The two mayors met in Boston where Bakoyannis participated in a special ceremony in which he presented four gold crowns awarded to the winners of the Boston Marathon.

He also invited the Mayor of Boston to travel to Athens in November to witness the 39th Authentic Marathon in the Greek capital.

“We are already late. Boston, “the Athens of America”, is home to a very large and active Greek-American community. It is a city with which I have strong personal ties. But above all, Athens and Boston are linked by a strong tradition, which recalls our principles and our common values,” noted Bakoyannis.

“The twinning will create a new modern and solid bridge of cooperation which will also contribute to the strengthening of economic ties with a positive impact on tourism. Athens can offer unique experiences to American travelers,” he added, sending an invitation to Bostonians to visit the Greek capital.

Why is Boston called the Athens of America?
A nickname for Boston is “Athens of America”, used primarily in literary circles during the first half of the 20th century. The origin is believed to come from a letter written in 1764 by Samuel Adams, quoted in History of the United States, in which Adams wrote “Boston might become a Christian Sparta”.

In 1819, William Tudor also wrote a letter describing the town:[Boston] is perhaps the most perfect and certainly the best regulated democracy that has ever existed. There is something so impossible in the immortal fame of Athens, that the very name makes everything modern stand out from comparison; but since the days of that glorious city, I know of none that have approached so closely in any points, however remote they may still be from that illustrious model.

On the western slope of Beacon Hill, in Louisburg Square, is a statue of the ancient Greek general and statesman Aristide the Just. Aristide led the army in a great victory against the Persians at the Battle of Plataea (479 BC). In 478 BC. he was a prominent leader in the formation of the confederation of Greek city-states known as the League of Delos.

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