US and Greek companies to build Susah port in Libya for $ 1.5 billion


Guidry Group, based in the United States, has signed a framework agreement with Greek port construction company Archirodon Construction for the design and construction of the $ 1.5 billion secure port of Susah in Libya .

The group said on its website that the secure port of Susah, designed as a multi-purpose port, will be Libya’s deepest water port; the first one [PPP] port project to be undertaken in Libya; the first port to be built to a globally competitive and efficient standard; and the largest port infrastructure investment by an American company in Libyan history.

The group added that the Susah secure port project is essential for the reconstruction of Libya and was recently approved by the Libyan government of national unity.

“It will provide a secure medium of commerce for businesses and international governments and will become a center of economic development for Libya. The American private sector is welcome in Libya. Greater US involvement in Libya’s development is expected with the Susah. Secure Port being the first step in the right direction, ”says the group.

“In eastern Libya is the main port of Susah, located about 240 km east of Benghazi. The seaport of Susah serves as the main artery and port of entry for goods to Libya by sea. A natural self-dredging port with a sea depth of 18 meters, the proposed new port of Susah will allow ships to easily unload their cargo containers. The $ 1.5 billion port will be built in four phases. The projection of the total development costs of the first phase of the project is around 200 USD. M. It will mainly focus on container handling, grain and other bulk cargo handling, general cargo and as a logistics base. Susah’s secure port is essential for the Libyan economy to restart. The group explained.

The chairman of the Libyan Ports and Maritime Transport Authority, Captain Hassan Gwile, said Libya has had a dream since 2007 and is now seeing it come true.

“We have a plan to develop a port in Susah that will be unprecedented and at the highest level of modern technology and functionality. We welcome the involvement of the American private sector in Libya and it can and must play a unifying role. We have signed a concession agreement with the Guidry group. Mr. Guidry is a United States investor who believes in the future of Libya and its people. The development of the Port of Susah will mark an important milestone, not only in the Libyan economy, but in Libyan history, culture and mentality. ”He added.

Guidry Group CEO Michael Guidry said: “Together with our strategic partner Archirodon Construction, we will now also begin and complete negotiations with a leading international port operator who will be appointed to operate the secure port project of Susah. “

As Archirodon CEO Denis Karapiperis said: “This is a major announcement for our company but more importantly, we believe, for Libya. The Susah Secure Port project will constitute an axis of economic development in the country and we are proud to play our role, alongside the Guidry Group. Our involvement in the development of port infrastructure in Libya, North Africa and the Middle East has been established for a long time and today adds another chapter to this story.


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